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Eléa started directing in 2013 with her first short film (Un)Fair Trade, which she wrote and shot for the Nikon Film Festival. 

The next year, with David Azencot and Olivia Gotanegre, she co-wrote a new short film, Limbo, which she co-directed with Olivia Gotanegre for the 48 Hour Film Project. 

In 2018, she directed a short film called The Amazings, named after a collective of English-speaking actors in Paris that she created with Mi Kwan Lock in 2014. The film comprises a number of different monologues tied together by a storyline written by Eléa.

Her latest project is the web series, Check Please!, written by Marine Assaiante and Daniel Castañeda, which she started directing in 2020 in New York. The web series has already been selected over 80 festivals worldwide and has won over 20 awards.

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the        poster!

An ambitious French actress, pursuing her dream of performing in a Broadway show, starts working in a small, chaotic restaurant in New York City, where she shares adventures and frustrations with those who become her new family.

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